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4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself Against HIV

4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself Against HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has become quite prevalent as of late. And because of that, more and more individuals have been infected.

Once you have contracted this condition, you will end up developing a chronic and potentially life-threatening illness known as Acute Immunodeficiency Syndrome (also known as AIDS). With this disease, your body’s immune system will no longer be able to capably put up a defense, leaving you vulnerable against the opportunistic organisms.

But don’t feel despair just yet! Lincoln Pharmacy has a couple of tips that should help you steer clear from an HIV infection:

  1. Do your research.

    The more you know about HIV and AIDS, the better you will be able to fend it off. Don’t just limit your knowledge to what you read about online, you can also consult with the medical professionals who staff a Pharmacy in Lincoln California. Check in with one of our pharmacists today!

  2. Practice safe sex.

    Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always make use of a new latex or polyurethane condom when you have sex. You can easily get a hold of these items at a drug store in California, so it shouldn’t be that much of a trouble. Apart from that, you should also have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs) treated ASAP; as the open sores or wounds on the skin can give rise to an infection.

  3. Avoid drug use.

    Needle sharing is one of the risk factors of an HIV infection; that is because the virus can be passed through direct blood contact. Not only that, but drug use can also result in other dangerous health complications, so you should keep in mind to deter from this practice altogether.

  4. Get tested.

    If you think that you might be at risk for an infection, then you should have yourself and your partner tested as soon as possible. The earlier you are aware of your status, the more effective your Medical Prescription in California for HIV/AIDS would be.

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