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Independent Drug Store in Lincoln, California

Prevent Skipping Your Medications with These 8 Tips

Taking your medication may be simple but it can also be hard. There are numerous times where patients come to our Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California to inquire what they need to do after skipping a medication. All of us … Continue reading

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Do HIV Medicines Have Side Effects?

After being diagnosed with HIV, your doctor will then prescribe you medicines for your health condition. However, do these medicines only help you live longer or do they have side effects just like any other medicines? Sadly, the answer is … Continue reading

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Talking to Pharmacist About Health and Medication Concerns

Pharmacists Are All-Knowing When It Comes to Health and Medication Aside from your doctor, who

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A Guide to Specialty Pharmacy Services

What Are Specialty Pharmacy Services? We know there are pharmacy services, but what are specialty pharmacy services? Well, basically, these are services and medication meant for people with specialized medical needs. Lincoln Pharmacy, a reputable retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California, … Continue reading

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3 Things You Can Do Regularly to Keep Yourself Healthy

Some individuals who are lucky enough to have very strong immune system rarely get sick and do not need to do a lot of routines to keep themselves healthy. Or perhaps they already have healthy habits that is why they … Continue reading

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The Challenges Encountered in Maintaining Medications at Home

With our busy lives, we need to keep a strong and healthy body. In doing so, we take vitamins and minerals to cover for those nutrients that we lack. These nutrients are naturally found in the food that we eat, … Continue reading

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