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Generic Medicines: Why is it right for you?


Here’s an interesting thing about your recent prescription. There’s a good chance that what your doctor prescribed to you is a generic medicine. According to WebMD, approximately 80% of prescribed medicines available in a Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California are generic drugs.

Additionally, generic medications are cost-effective for many patients and their family members. These medicines contain the same level of quality as their branded counterparts, only that these are more affordable. The FDA even maintains that generic medicines can be trusted because of this equal quality with branded medicines.

To further shed light on this matter, here are important elements of generic medicines and what every consumer needs to know.

  • Generic medicines are similar to brand-name counterpart.
    None other than the FDA requires for manufacturers of generics to ensure that their version of the branded medicine meets the same standards. With this, the generic medicines have similar attributes to their branded counterpart, such as in their manner of intake, the purpose of medication, an active ingredient, testing standards, and their ability to reach the ideal amount in the bloodstream at the specified time.
  • Generic medicines are different from brand-name drugs.
    Just as they’re similar, generic medicines also contain differences from their branded counterparts. These differences are important since the branded medicines are patented and all of their ingredients should be unique. However, these differences don’t have any effect on the medicine’s safety or effectiveness. The common differences include their appearances such as the shape and color, how they’re packaged, and what is indicated in their labels. Generic medicines can also alter when it comes to their flavoring, preservative, and other FDA-approved inactive ingredients. Every consumer is encouraged to talk with a pharmacist in a drug store in California when they have further questions about the difference between generics and brand-name medicines.
  • Generic drugs are more affordable than brand-name medicines.
    It also helps to understand why generic medicines can be accessed at a lower price than their branded counterparts. The creation of a brand new medicine is very costly, something that brand-name drugs maintain for themselves. The manufacturers need to spend on research, clinical trials and testing, and eventually, marketing and campaigning for its market use. The FDA recognizes this right of the manufacturers; hence, they’re given exclusive production and sale of the branded medicine for approximately 12 years. This time should be able to help cover the cost of all that has been expended for the medicine’s production. After that limited time, other medicine manufacturers can now create their generic version, which is made available to consumers at a lower rate since all the major elements have been accomplished already.

The next time you get your medicines from a provider of specialty pharmacy services in California, don’t think twice about discussing your questions on generic medicines. Our pharmacists at Lincoln Pharmacy can also help guide you in understanding whether a generic version can be used for your particular health condition or not.

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