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How to Control Your Cholesterol Level

How to Control Your Cholesterol Level

Depending on how you manage your health, you will be glad to know that there’s a great chance for you to be in control of your cholesterol. As a leading provider of specialty pharmacy services in California, we say this is great news indeed, considering that medications for complicated illnesses brought about by bad cholesterol can really bring a serious dent on your pocket.

Here are important essentials of managing cholesterol.

  • Know the target levels.
    Cholesterol levels have to be in the right range so that these cannot hamper your health. It is considered good when your cholesterol level is below 200 mg/dL. The next level to this, particularly between 200-239 mg/dL, is already considered borderline, while the very serious range begins at 240 mg/dL. You have to ensure and target the 200 and below cholesterol level to preserve your overall health.
  • Cholesterol is found in your body.
    If this sounds surprising to you, it’s true. In fact, our own livers manufacture our own cholesterols. This means that cholesterols are NOT entirely bad since they function in the more efficient distribution of nutrients to the bloodstreams. However, you can also get cholesterol from the food you take, and when these reach an excess level, they can build up in the arteries, complicating into heart issues.
  • The good news of cholesterol.
    Not all cholesterols are bad. That’s right. There’s such a thing as good cholesterol. Technically, the good cholesterol is called HDL or High-Density Lipoproteins. The reason they are good is that they help flush cholesterol out of the bloodstreams and back to the liver. These cholesterols are mostly found in plant-based fats. On the contrary, bad cholesterols are called LDL or Low-Density Lipoproteins. These are bad because they mostly lead to cholesterol buildup in the bloodstreams, reducing the passage of blood and leading to serious heart issues. Bad cholesterols can be taken from animal-based fats. Because of these, consumers are highly encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables to help overcome their bad cholesterols.
  • Your risks of getting high cholesterol.
    There are cholesterol factors that are out of your control, and these are your genetics. However, much of the management is within your control, including engaging in the active lifestyle, pursuing a healthy diet, quitting smoking, monitoring your blood pressure, and managing your diabetes, if you have. Lacking on these cholesterol management practices can put you at even greater risk of high cholesterol levels.
  • Medications for Cholesterol
    Along with implementing lifestyle changes, a Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California is also your partner in maintaining the right cholesterol level. When you’re prescribed with cholesterol medications, be mindful of adhering to the prescriptions to the letter.

As a leading drug store in California, consider our team at Lincoln Pharmacy to be your partners in reaching for your health goals. We encourage you to always have a quick chat with our friendly pharmacists whenever you have concerns about your prescriptions and health conditions.

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