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Introducing: The 5 R’s of Medication Adherence

Introducing: The 5 R’s of Medication Adherence

As a Pharmacy in Lincoln, California, medication adherence is our advocacy. We intend that patients should be guided and motivated in taking their medicines so that their health conditions continue to improve.

When it comes to proper adherence to medications, here are five RIGHT things that we should keep in mind:

  1. RIGHT Patient
    Medicines should be given to the right patient. Every medicine targets a particular illness. If the wrong person takes the medicine, they may encounter unpleasant side effects for wrong usage. Do talk with pharmacists at your Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln, California to verify as to who should take the medicine. See to it that the medication you purchased is correctly labeled for the right patient.
  2. RIGHT Medicine
    Patients should be taking the medicine that is going to treat their condition. If not, they can be at risk of medication abuse or misuse. Both are unsafe for anybody.
  3. RIGHT Dose
    Medicines have prescribed doses for every patient, with gender and age considered. So if you’re buying over-the-counter medicines, ask the pharmacist the right dosage that should be given to your patient.
  4. RIGHT Route
    Medications have different administrative routes. Some are oral, others are topical. There are also intravenous medications. The correct administration route should be applied so the patient receives the optimum potency of the medicine.
  5. RIGHT Time
    Taking medicines have specific timing especially when these are prescribed. If you are instructed to take the pill three times a day, adhere to it. Don’t make it more or less as your health may suffer consequences. You can also get your medicines from our pharmacy that provides Medical Prescription in California.

How are you taking charge of your medication adherence? Ensure that someone is assisting you so that you can comply with the instructions. If you also have difficulties with getting your medicines in person, we are a free delivery pharmacy in Lincoln, California. We can send your medicine straight to your address.

At Lincoln Pharmacy, we’ll be right here to support your healthcare goals. So whether it’s a prescription or over-the-counter medicine, feel free to ask us about it. Contact us for inquiries.

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