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Medication Safety Tips and Reminders

Medication Safety Tips and Reminders

The medication we take holds a vital part in our road to recovery and a healthier life. However, when misused, it can also be the very poison that endangers our health. As a trusted and reliable pharmacy in Lincoln California, here are some tips that we recommend to ensure that you take your medications properly and safely:

  • Go to a reliable pharmacy.
    Before anything else, you must have your usual trusted pharmacy who can dispense your medical prescription in California. It is strongly advised for you to have a pharmacy or pharmacist who knows your medical history, including your medications, family history, and allergies, among others.
  • Medication storage.
    Most people store their medicine in the bathroom cabinet. That does not work for all medication. Some pills will easily break down because of the humidity of the bathroom. Ask your pharmacist as to the recommended storage for your medication.
  • Follow your doctor
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