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Medication Storage Tips to Keep Children Safe

Medication Storage Tips to Keep Children Safe

Every year, thousands of children are sent to emergency rooms after finding and ingesting medicine while a parent was not looking. These emergencies can be avoided by simply practicing proper medication storage at home.

As a reliable pharmacy in Lincoln, California, we want to give you tips for safe medication storage at home and protect your little ones.

Put your medications up and away and out of your children’s reach. Walk around your house and pick a high cabinet where your children can’t touch and see your medicines.

Don’t forget to relock the safety cap on your medicine bottle. Then, put it back in your safe storage location. If your medications don’t have a safety cap, you can ask a nearby retail pharmacy in California if they provide a child-resistant packaging service.

Be prepared in case of an emergency by programing the poison help number on your phone. You can also post it visibly at home so other people can access the number.

At Lincoln Pharmacy, we encourage our customers to practice safe use and storage of their medications at home. If you need more safety tips, you can visit us today. Our pharmacists are on-site and ready to help you out.

We look forward to seeing you at our drugstore in Lincoln, California.

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