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Prevent Skipping Your Medications with These 8 Tips

Prevent Skipping Your Medications with These 8 Tips

Taking your medication may be simple but it can also be hard. There are numerous times where patients come to our Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California to inquire what they need to do after skipping a medication.

All of us are busy individuals and we understand why some of us forget our medicines. That is why Lincoln Pharmacy makes a list that will help you prevent skipping your medications:

  • Stick to a time
    It is easy to forget to take your medications if your intake time varies. That is why the first tip we recommend is for you to stick to a time. If you think 9 in the morning is ideal for you, maintain that schedule.
  • Make it a part of your routine
    If you want to stop forgetting your medication, integrate it into your routine. You can take your medication after you brush your teeth, before you take a bath, or after you eat.
  • Keep a medicine calendar
    In order to remind yourself of the medicines you need to take for the day, we recommend you keep a medicine calendar. This calendar helps you track your medicine schedule. You can either have a physical calendar or you can install an app on your phone so that you will be reminded.
  • Use a pill container
    A pill container has different sections you can store your medicines in. This way, you can separate the medicines you need to take in the morning, noon, and at night. Plus, pill containers usually have the days written on them so you can track your medications weekly.
  • Refill your pill container every week
    Pill containers have sections that allow you to track your daily medication schedule. That is why you have to refill your pill container weekly to avoid confusion. Or if you always forget to do so, you can have our drug store in California refill your prescriptions for you.
  • Purchase timer caps
    Timer caps help secure your medicine bottles. Once your dose is due, it sets off an alarm to signal you it is time to take the medication.
  • Bring enough or extra medications when traveling
    Whenever you are traveling, bring enough or extra medications with you. You do not know what will happen during your trip so it pays to look forward to possible circumstances.
  • Keep your medications close to you
    Wherever you go, it is always safe to keep your medications close to you. Put it in a bag you always carry. It can save you the time and effort so taking your medications will not be a hassle for you.

When we provide specialty pharmacy services in California, we give importance to the convenience and overall well-being of our patients. That

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