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What to Expect When Undergoing Chemotherapy

What to Expect When Undergoing Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs, along with surgery and/or radiation therapy, is the most common and effective treatment for cancer. The drugs work by stopping cancer cells from dividing and growing. It is an ‘invasive treatment’ such that it needs a medical prescription in California. The treatment usually happens either before surgery to shrink the tumor or after surgery to remove remaining cancer cells and prevent a recurrence. Before undergoing the process, it is important to know what to expect during the treatment.

  • The treatment period
    There is no standard period for the treatment as it is based on the type and stage of cancer the patient is affected with. For those who need more than one treatment, the process includes rest periods every after a treatment. Your independent pharmacy in Lincoln California can advise you as to the proper rest periods your body needs to recover from the side effects.
  • Blood tests
    Blood tests are required to make sure that the patient can cope with the side effects. For instance, low counts of red or white blood cells and platelets mean that the patient has to wait until these reach the ideal healthy levels.
  • Side effects
    Nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and fatigue are some of the most common side effects of chemo treatment. Your trusted pharmacy in Lincoln California can discuss with you in detail these side effects.

Lincoln Pharmacy is a reliable and trusted retail pharmacy in Lincoln California that offers specialty medications such as chemotherapy drugs. Our pharmacists are always available to help you get the medication you need and to provide relevant medical information.

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