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Independent Drug Store in Lincoln, California

Coping Tips for People Who Are Suffering from Chronic Pain

Pain is considered chronic when it lingers for at least three months. The pain may come every day or not. Yet, when it does come, the pain disrupts a person’s regular activities. As a drug store in California, we know … Continue reading

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Introducing: The 5 R’s of Medication Adherence

As a Pharmacy in Lincoln, California, medication adherence is our advocacy. We intend that patients should be guided and motivated in taking their medicines so that their health conditions continue to improve. When it comes to proper adherence to medications, … Continue reading

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How Important Is Choosing a Pharmacy with Free Delivery

In a society that has become reliant on prescription medication and pharmacy services as healthcare curative and preventative measures, it’s become extremely important for many of us to partner with a good pharmacy. Of course, we must be discerning when … Continue reading

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3 Easy Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

Despite being a chronic condition, diabetes is something that can be managed to the point where it has little effect on your life. However, this does require some minor lifestyle changes. So here are three easy tips that can help … Continue reading

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4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself Against HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has become quite prevalent as of late. And because of that, more and more individuals have been infected. Once you have contracted this condition, you will end up developing a chronic and potentially life-threatening illness … Continue reading

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How Can Your Pharmacy Help with Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be a difficult battle but it is a battle you do not have to fight alone. There are many forms of support you can try such as apps, friends, family, and even your local pharmacy in Lincoln, … Continue reading

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